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14 Dec 2017

It has been a significant year for housing policy in Australia. In the presence of widespread media attention and growing concern from the public, our politicians and policymakers have embraced a number of major reform opportunities. In the May Federal Budget, Treasurer Scott Morrison presented a housing policy package with a range of measures to support those at all stages of the housing continuum. Recently at the National Housing Conference, the Hon Michael Sukkar MP, Assistant Minister to the Treasurer, reaffirmed the Federal Government's commitment by announcing key details of the new National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation, including that the Commonwealth will guarantee bonds issued by the NHFIC to community housing providers.

At AHURI, we’re proud of the impact on policy that we and our research centre partners have achieved. However this progress towards policy reform could not have been achieved without a highly engaged public and passionate debate from the research, policy and housing sectors. The infographic below illustrates the AHURI reports, news items and topics most read by our audience in 2017.

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