'Disrupting the housing market'—AHURI announces one day conference in Hobart

Conference to examine how technologies are changing the way people navigate the housing market

3 September 2018

AHURI has announced an important new national one-day Conference, ‘Disrupting the housing market’, to examine the way technological change is impacting housing across Australia.

With AirBnB as a leading example, technologies are changing how people access and navigate the housing market. In addition, Governments are faced with regulatory challenges in rapidly changing technological landscapes, while having to grapple with issues of data leakage, big data, smart technology and accompanying privacy and data security requirements.

In the face of such change, what are the opportunities for policy makers, housing providers and consumers across the entire housing continuum? These and many other issues are the focus of the Conference’s full day program that will help governments, housing providers, practitioners, and consumers better understand the implications and opportunities of new and disruptive technologies for the housing sector.

The Conference is underpinned by the AHURI Inquiry ‘Potential of new technologies to disrupt housing policy’, and key sessions includes AHURI researchers from UNSW Sydney and Swinburne University presenting key findings from the AHURI Inquiry; sessions on new technology, ethics and regulation, which examines online application portals, alternative bond products, public housing allocations, and the ethical and regulatory implications of large scale data collection; and technological disruption in private housing markets which examines the impact of AirBnB not only in our major cities, but also in smaller ‘holiday’ destinations.

The Conference will be held on Tuesday 4 December 2018 at the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Hobart.

For more details and to register, please visit the event page on the AHURI website.