On the path to reform? NHC program to examine latest in national housing policy

31 August 2017

It has been a significant year for housing policy in Australia. In the presence of widespread media attention and a highly engaged public, our politicians and policymakers have embraced a number of major reform opportunities.

In the May Federal Budget, Treasurer Scott Morrison unveiled a range of policy measures to support those at all stages of the housing continuum. Key components of this policy package were the new National Housing and Homelessness Agreement (NHHA) and the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC). The Government also continues to pursue an ambitious City Deals agenda, of which housing measures are a key part.

The National Housing Conference will take a comprehensive look at these developments and examine their repercussions for all those working in the affordable and social housing sectors, as well as allied industries.

The new National Housing and Homelessness Agreement (NHHA) commences next year and will include supply targets, planning reforms and renewal of public housing stock while also supporting the delivery of frontline homelessness services.

The conference session State(s) of housing policy and the new National Housing and Homelessness Agreement will investigate how the states and territories are responding to this new framework. This session will present a round-up of housing policy settings from across the nation and will be led by a panel of government experts.

The City Deals agenda has been championed by the Commonwealth Government as a unique opportunity to kick-start planning and zoning reform in local government areas facing strong population growth and housing affordability pressures. These City Deals, which have affordable housing as a priority, require commonwealth, state and territory governments and local governments to work closely together.

The session What’s the (City) Deal with affordable housing will further investigate City Deals as a policy framework for delivering affordable housing in our established and emerging cities. The panel, including Lucy Hughes Turnbull AO, Chief Commissioner of the Greater Sydney Commission, will consider how the different levels of government can collaborate to create affordable and liveable cities.

Another key policy development is the establishment of the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC). The NHFIC is being established as a financial intermediary to aggregate and raise funds at lower rates for not-for-profit community housing providers to deliver new supply of affordable housing.

The Flying the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation session is the perfect opportunity to understand how the NHFIC will help boost affordable housing supply in Australia. As the Federal Government pushes to implement the NHFIC, we will hear from the leader of the UK equivalent, and key adviser to the Federal Treasury, Mr Piers Williamson. Mr Williamson will be joined by a panel of experts to examine the Australian conditions required for the NHIFC to jump-start new supply of affordable housing.

With an engaged public and significant momentum building, the National Housing Conference to examine these crucial issues and progress towards the policy changes necessary for Australia.

The National Housing Conference 2017 will take place on 29 Nov - 1 Dec at the International Convention Centre, Sydney. Register your attendance via the NHC website.