Industry leaders advise AHURI Inquiry

Social impact investment Inquiry to benefit from the expertise of leading practitioners from government and business.

6 October 2016

Leaders from government and business have joined a cross-university research team for the first panel meeting for the AHURI Inquiry ‘Social impact investment for housing and homelessness outcomes’.

The panel members are:

  • Mr Paul McBride, Australian Department of Social Services
  • Ms Caralee McLiesh, NSW Treasury
  • Ms Christine Fitzgerald, Department of Housing (NT)
  • Mr Philip Fagan-Schmidt PSM, Housing SA
  • Ms Sally McCutchan, Impact Investing Australia
  • Ms Anna Buduls, Philanthropist and businesswoman
  • Ms Jo Toohey, Benevolent Society
  • Mr James Waddell, NAB
  • Ms Trina Geasley, City of Sydney

This Inquiry is investigating the opportunity, capacity and ability of social impact investments to create social change in housing and homelessness in Australia, and will inform Australian housing affordability and homelessness policy.

The AHURI Inquiries benefit significantly from the strong and comprehensive experience of our panel members who all make important contributions to understanding of these important policy issues.

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