See what presenters are saying about the National Housing Conference

30 October 2017

A number of leading housing experts will share their international perspectives and exchange knowledge with Australian delegates at the National Housing Conference 2017 in Sydney next month.

Whether in Australia or the United States, people become homeless for many of the same reasons. Housing, affordability, and poverty are all root causes
Gail Gilman, CEO, Community Housing Partnership, San Francisco USA.

Gail is a presenter for major session Homelessness in 2017: is early intervention and prevention working? This session investigates how well Australia’s homelessness system has transformed from crisis response to early intervention and prevention, and how our system compares to that of the United States.

There’s no housing affordability problem in Australia – for investors! But things aren’t so rosy for tenants and would-be first home buyers.
Chris Paris, Emeritus Professor of Housing Studies, Ulster University UK

Chris is facilitating Locally made: Affordable housing and local government. This session explores how the local government sector can best contribute to the provision of affordable housing through a  number of case studies.

My conference session on resident choice and voice will aim to build on the things that bring our two countries together to share what we do well and how we can learn from each other.
Oona Goldsworthy, Chief Executive, United Communities

Oona is one of our presenters in Australia vs England – tenant choice which, in the spirit of friendly rivalry, pits Australia against England as two experts debate which country better engages with tenants to offer true choice and a voice, with respect to their housing needs.

I’m looking forward to talking about Canada’s National Housing Strategy. We have an innovative and people-centred strategy that we’ve developed after…studying housing systems around the world including yours in Australia.
Evan Siddall, President and CEO, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Evan is a keynote presenter in our plenary session, Designing a national housing strategy for Canada: lessons learned which explores what Australia can learn from Canada, a country operating under the same federated system of government.

Evan will also outline the important role the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation plays in contributing to the stability of the housing market and financial system and providing support for Canadians in housing need.

This event is a chance for us to join the dots between the housing crisis and rising homelessness. Our housing system encourages the wealthy to own many properties, while 105,000 Australians are without a home at all.
Jenny Smith, Chair, Homelessness Australia shared her thoughts on attending NHC.

Jenny joins #NHCSydney as a panellist in the session Homelessness in 2017: is early intervention and prevention working?

The NHC is an opportunity to come together to discuss the importance that housing plays for those in most need…we are particularly focussed on using Housing to provide opportunity for Aboriginal people at the Aboriginal Housing Office.
Shane Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer, NSW Aboriginal Housing Office.

Shane is a panellist in Closing the Indigenous housing gap, focussing on how to create better housing choices for Indigenous Australians given many of the unique challenges such as remoteness of communities, culturally appropriate housing, and the high rate of Indigenous housing.

Shane will also facilitate Respecting Indigenous culture and voice in the provision of housing which investigates how a deeper understanding of the cultural requirements of Indigenous Australians will help policy makers and practitioners deliver appropriate housing.

I’m looking forward to robust debate on the complementary reforms so well-articulated in the Affordable Housing Working Group’s report. Yes to planning reform, yes to government investment in affordable housing, and yes to stronger and more effective regulation
Wendy Hayhurst, Chief Executive Officer, NSW Federation of Housing Associations.

Wendy is a panellist in the Ready for growth: Building Australia’s affordable housing industry session which examines the strategies required for continued growth, including system regulation and private sector engagement.

The policies that have served the country so well for 50 years are in need of disruption. We need to reassert housing policy at our economic, cultural and social core. says Philip Fagan-Schmidt, Executive Director, Housing SA.
Philip Fagan-Schmidt, Executive Director, Housing SA.

Philip will be exploring avenues for change in State(s) of housing policy and the new National Housing and Homelessness Agreement. In the context of the new National Housing and Homelessness Agreement (NHHA) how are the States and Territories responding to this new framework. This session presents a round-up of housing policy innovation from across the nation.

The National Housing Conference 2017 will take place on 29 Nov - 1 Dec at the International Convention Centre, Sydney. Register your attendance.

The full conference program is available at nhc.edu.au.