AHURI to evaluate housing for young people with a disability

AHURI Professional Services is to work in partnership with the Summer Foundation to evaluate the effectiveness of new housing designed and built for people with a disability

19 Dec 2016

The Summer Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to reduce the numbers of young people with disability and complex support needs living in nursing homes because they have nowhere else to live.

The AHURI evaluation project integrates with the Summer Foundation philosophy of action research, which involves the development and documentation of demonstration housing projects and the sharing of the acquired knowledge with organisations most likely to expand the numbers of disability accessible apartments.

The AHURI Professional Services team will review and analyse in detail all relevant, quality national and international research so as to inform the ongoing evaluation of built design for people with disability.

In alignment with the Summer Foundation’s philosophy of disseminating information so that it achieves the best social good, AHURI will peer-review, at its own cost, and publish the project’s final report on the AHURI website.

By making such important research available to the housing sector, AHURI Professional Services is very pleased to be working with the Summer Foundation towards finding sustainable and rewarding housing solutions for the many young people across Australia who are living with a disability in inadequate housing.

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