What's the (City) Deal with affordable housing?— NHC panel discussion 

The role of affordable housing in Australia’s new City Deals was discussed rigorously at #NHCSydney

18 Dec 2017

At the National Housing Conference, Journalist Emma Alberici facilitated a stimulating and entertaining panel session on the role of affordable housing in City Deals, featuring Hon Angus Taylor MP, Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation; Lord Mayor Clover Moore, City of Sydney; Geoff Roberts, Deputy Chief Commissioner, Greater Sydney Commission; Professor Nicole Gurran, University of Sydney; and Andrew Giles MP, Shadow Assistant Minister for Schools.

Minister Taylor emphasised that, to work effectively, City Deals rely on strong collaboration across the three levels of Government and the private sector. He also underlined that City Deals are customised to the main issues in each city’s local area and are not necessarily focussed on affordable housing if other outcomes like job or infrastructure development is more important.

Other panellists challenged the lack of affordable housing requirements in Australian City Deals. Professor Nicole Gurran outlined research that shows City Deals in the UK (from which the Australian model is descended) haven’t really dealt with affordable housing, but that the Australian concept has potential. She believes there is a need to look at how ‘the jigsaw of interventions can deliver affordable housing that meets people’s needs across the whole housing continuum, from very low income groups to those who are just missing out on housing.’

Are Australian City Deals truly a way for the Commonwealth Government to work closely with state/territory and local governments to build solutions specifically targeted to each city? A video of the panel discussion is embedded above or available via the AHURI youtube channel.