AHURI Policy Impact Statement 2018–19 highlights the year's achievements 

Measuring AHURI's impact on national policy development

26 August 2019

AHURI is pleased to release its annual Policy Impact Statement for 2018–19. The Statement highlights AHURI’s achievements across research, engagement and policy activities for the financial year.

AHURI continues to be an authoritative source of research on national housing, cities and urban research. During the financial year, AHURI published 17 peer-reviewed research reports, and completed two Inquiries and two standalone projects. Findings from the completed research Inquiries—Social housing as infrastructure and The potential for new technologies to disrupt housing policy—drew strong public interest with widespread media coverage and citations from respected institutions such as Infrastructure Australia. In total, AHURI's reports were read nearly 80,000 times.

The Statement also outlines the success of the 2018 National Homelessness Conference, reconvened in partnership with Homelessness Australia after a four year hiatus. The conference saw 820 homelessness services providers, policy makers and those with lived experience come together to focus on ending homelessness together.

There were significant milestones for AHURI's Professional Services team, whose work informed the development of state housing strategies for Queensland, South Australia, the ACT and Tasmania. Furthermore, in the mental health sector, AHURI's Professional Services brought new understandings to the interplay between housing and mental health in projects commissioned by The National Mental Health Commission as well as Mind Australia.

The 2018–19 Policy Impact Statement is available for download.