NHC 2019 program launched

Discussion topics and six major concurrent sessions unveiled

21 February 2019

The first instalment of the National Housing Conference 2019 program has been launched. It outlines the six major concurrent sessions and provides an insight into the discussion points under this year’s theme of housing future communities.

Here is an overview of two of the sessions in the first release of the program.

Generation Rent

More than a quarter of Australian households are private renters. Between 2006 and 2016 private renting grew at twice the rate of all households.  Tenants now come from a greater diversity of income groups and there is an increase in long-term and lifelong renters, including at mid-life and while parenting.

This growth looks set to continue, largely due to a long term decline in access to home ownership. How can we ensure the system remains fair and equitable for a growing number of Australians throughout their lifetimes? We ask this question to a panel of experts on rental affordability, incentives, technological change, regulation and institutional change.

Can CHPs deliver our social housing future?

According to recent modelling, Australia needs more than 700,000 new social housing properties in the next twenty years to house a growing population in housing stress. Community housing providers currently play a crucial role in social and affordable housing, yet the scale of their portfolios remains small.

With current social housing supply failing to meet demand, can the community housing sector take the reins and drive the growth of the sector into a thriving affordable housing industry? If so, what conditions are required, and how can partnerships with private financiers and government funders best be harnessed to support this growth?

This provocative session will bring together government, private and not-for-profit housing providers to discuss who is best placed to build and manage the sector into the

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