Update on AHURI activities in response to COVID-19

An update on AHURI's research publishing and engagement program for the foreseeable future.

18 March 2020

Research publishing and engagement in the months ahead

In the coming months, most organisations will face significant disruptions, including restrictions on meetings and events. We are pleased to update you on our continuing research publishing and engagement program for the foreseeable future.

Upcoming research

Despite the current challenges, we will continue to publish new research over the coming months. In addition, we will continue to deliver a Policy Evidence Summary with each new report and deliver news summaries and AHURI Briefs to analyse and interrogate our research findings. We will continue to send our latest research to you via our website, email newsletters and social media channels.

Unfortunately, our conference and events program has had to be reduced. As we mentioned last week, registrations for the National Homelessness Conference are suspended.

AHURI Webinars

We are fast tracking our plans to develop AHURI Webinars as a means of presenting new research findings to you—allowing our researchers to deliver traditional PowerPoint presentations to you, whether you are in your usual work environment or working from home. These facilitated online presentations will also allow you to submit questions to the researchers and engage in a moderated conversation with peers. More information on upcoming webinars will be released soon.

Professional development

In the months ahead there will be periods of intense workload demand, however there may also be periods when staff experience slowdowns or have reduced workloads. These times can be opportunities for further professional development, and you may find it useful to explore AHURI’s catalogue of reports and other resources.

Research library – a vast catalogue of more than 300 final reports across a range of topics in housing, homelessness and urban policy. Search a topic of interest or filter by publication date or author.

Policy Issues Analyses – In-depth analysis on selected policy issues drawing on the AHURI research evidence-base.

AHURI Briefs – our catalogue of AHURI Briefs, short summaries or explainers of key policy issues, has nearly reached 100.

Event video and audio – a plethora of video and audio from AHURI conferences and events dating back to 2014.

We will continue to explore ways to keep you informed with the latest research that can enhance your work across policy in practice. If there is anything you would like to see from us, we welcome your feedback at information@ahuri.edu.au.