Marginal rental housing in Australia

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Author(s): Robin Goodman, Tony Dalton, Michelle Gabriel, Keith Jacobs, Anitra Nelson
Description: This report investigates the marginal rental housing market, including boarding or rooming houses and residential (caravan) park accommodation, and provided a typology of marginal rental housing.
Citation: Goodman, R., Dalton, T., Gabriel, M., Jacobs, K. and Nelson, A. (2012) Marginal rental housing in Australia, AHURI Positioning Paper No. 148, Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute Limited, Melbourne,
Date published: 26 Jun 2012
Publication type: Positioning Paper 148
Project title: Marginal rental housing and marginal renters: a typology for policy (Project number: 30699)
Project reports: The experience of marginal rental housing in Australia (Final Report)
Marginal rental housing - what is it, and how should it be managed? (Research and Policy Bulletin)
Published by: Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute Limited
ISSN: 1834-9250
ISBN: 978-1-922075-05-5
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