Downsizing amongst older Australians

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Author(s): Bruce Judd; Catherine Bridge; Laura Davy; Toni Adams; Edgar Liu
Description: This report is the first output from a study on the extent of downsizing amongst older Australians (over 50 years of age), who is doing it, and the motivations, obstacles and financial and social consequences of downsizing.
Citation: Judd, B., Bridge, C., Davy, L., Adams, T. and Liu, E. (2012) Downsizing amongst older Australians, AHURI Positioning Paper No. 150, Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute Limited, Melbourne,
Date published: 16 Aug 2012
Publication type: Positioning Paper 150
Project title: Downsizing amongst older Australians (Project number: 70687)
Project reports: Downsizing amongst older Australians (Final Report)
Downsizing amongst older Australians (Research and Policy Bulletin)
Published by: Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute Limited
ISSN: 1834-9250
ISBN: 978-1-922075-08-6
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