AHURI Inquiries

A suite of independent, original research projects

AHURI Inquiries conduct a suite of independent, original Inquiry Research Projects. Policy and practice experts from the government, non-government and private sectors consider the evidence and the outcomes of the research.

An effective homelessness services system

AHURI Inquiry

How can the homelessness service system be redesigned and implemented to be effective for different groups across the life course?

Housing aspirations and constraints for lower income Australians

AHURI Inquiry

What are the impacts of housing constraints for lower income Australians, and how can innovative housing solutions support their shelter and non-shelter aspirations?

Integrated housing support for vulnerable families

AHURI Inquiry

How best can housing and services support be provided and improved for families affected by domestic and family violence?

Social housing as infrastructure

AHURI Inquiry

Should social housing be treated as infrastructure, and, if so, what are the most appropriate investment pathways?

Understanding and reimagining social housing pathways

AHURI Inquiry

How can social housing pathways be reimagined for more effective services, supports and policies?

Urban productivity and affordable rental housing supply

AHURI Inquiry

How does affordable private rental housing supply support labour markets and urban productivity, and what are the implications for strategic funding and planning interventions in metropolitan and non-metropolitan Australia?