An effective homelessness services system

How can the homelessness service system be redesigned and implemented to be effective for different groups across the life course?

This Inquiry delivers a detailed evidence base and policy recommendations for reconfiguring the Australian homelessness services system in order to strategically and systematically support the prevention and minimisation of homelessness for people of all ages. A systems approach explores an effective homelessness system for young people, families and older people.

Redesign of a homelessness services system for young people

This project examines community level service systems experienced by homeless young people, considering issues such as effectiveness, balance, funding arrangements and integration from a perspective of the potential for system redesign.

Led by: David MacKenzie, Swinburne University of Technology
Project status: Underway

Supporting families effectively through the homelessness services system

This project investigates what an effective homelessness system could be for families. Based on evidence from overseas and stakeholder expertise from policy, practice and data systems, it will identify elements of existing systems and services that could be retained and strengthened; and those that constrain effective support.

Led by: kylie valentine, University of New South Wales
Project status: Underway

An effective homelessness services system for older Australians

This project investigates an effective homelessness system for older Australians. It acknowledges the challenges for older Australians confronted by inadequate, unaffordable or insecure housing. It draws insights from policymakers, service providers and older persons at risk of homelessness. The research informs the design of a more effective system.

Led by: Andrew Beer, University of South Australia
Project status: Complete, download the final report

  • Project leader: Angela Spinney
  • Research centre: Swinburne University of Technology
  • Project number: 51190