Potential of new technologies to disrupt housing policy

How can housing policy-makers, providers and consumers engage productively with emerging digital and disruptive technologies?

This AHURI Inquiry will equip housing policy-makers, providers and consumers to engage productively with emergent digital and disruptive technologies. By evaluating first-wave change, emerging developments and future possibilities, it will assess the prospects for enhanced efficiency, effectiveness and equity in housing policy and assistance through digital innovation.

  • Michael Comninos, Astrolabe Group Pty Ltd
  • David Vaile, The University of New South Wales
  • Alison McClelland, Independent Consultant
  • Lynden Pennicott, Department of Health and Human Services, Tasmanian Government
  • Brendan Fitzgerald, Infoxchange
  • Christine Castley, Department of Housing and Public Works, Queensland Government
Understanding the ‘disruption ecosystem’—a review of current and emerging technological disruptions

This project will map the ‘disruption ecosystem’ to provide a conceptual framework for understanding how new digital technologies might reshape housing provision and assistance. It will involve a detailed literature review on such innovations, complemented by tech workshops to collaboratively explore implementation options with the housing sector.

Led by: Chris Pettit
Project status: Underway
Final Report to be published: Q1 2018

Technological disruption in private housing markets: the case of Airbnb

This project will examine the impact of Airbnb, a first-wave disruptive housing technology, on the utilisation of private housing in Sydney and Melbourne. It will provide policy-makers with critical insights into Airbnb’s impact on housing opportunity in these cities, and the implications for regulating the platform equitably, effectively and efficiently.

Led by: Laura Crommelin
Project status: Underway
Final Report to be published: Q2 2018

Could market design and technological disruption of housing and housing assistance improve social and economic outcomes?

Using a market design approach to elucidate the economic transformation enabled by digital platforms, this project will 'redesign' the private rental sector, and social housing allocations, as the key forms of housing assistance, and examine housing supply and affordability to test Market design solutions to some intractable problems.

Led by: Andrea Sharam
Project status: Underway
Final Report to be published: Q2 2018