Integrated housing support for vulnerable families

How best can housing and services support be provided and improved for families affected by domestic and family violence?

This AHURI Inquiry will focus on the provision of integrated housing support for families, including those affected by domestic and family violence. It will provide significant new knowledge on the gendered nature of housing insecurity, housing pathways, and transition points at which culturally safe and holistic service responses are effective.

  • Heather Nancarrow, Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety Limited
  • Kym Goodes,  Tasmanian Council of Social Services
  • Kate Burton, Tasmanian Council of Social Services
  • Ruby Steele, Legal Aid
  • Judy Sutherland, Department of Health and Human Services, Victorian Government
  • Tammy White, Department of Housing and Community Development, NT Government
  • Jeanette Lewis,  Department of Health and Human Services, Tasmanian Government
  • Roslyn Baxter, Department of Social Services, Australian Government
  • Rachel Livingston, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Australian Government
Housing outcomes after domestic and family violence

This project will examine the safety of, risks to, and wellbeing outcomes for women and children who move house after leaving family violence. Using a housing pathways approach, it will identify where and how a more integrated service response at critical intervention points can improve outcomes for family violence survivors.

Led by: Kathleen Flanagan
Project status: Underway
Final Report to be published: Complete, download the final report

Improving housing and service responses to family violence for Indigenous individuals and families

This project will examine how housing and other service responses to family and domestic violence could be improved to meet the needs of Aboriginal individuals and families. It will aid understanding of interactions between housing policy and assistance and other policy settings, and the impact on individuals, families and communities.

Led by: Kyllie Cripps
Project status: Final Report published 29 August 2019 (media release).

Family impacts of social housing legal responses to occupier misconduct

This project will document the use of legal proceedings by Australian social housing providers against tenants where there has been misconduct by a household member, and consider whether laws, policies and practices make appropriate provision in relation to women, children, Indigenous families and families with alcohol or other drug issues.

Led by: Chris Martin
Project status: Underway
Final Report to be published: Complete, download the final report