AHURI Research Projects

A diverse range of research projects

Smaller research projects, including data projects, to ensure a focus on a variety of policy issues. Research topics have been developed through extensive cross-sector consultation.

Effective downsizing options for older Australians

AHURI Research Project

The options for downsizing at both the household level and for the broader housing market.

Home ownership decline: unpacking its impact and implications

AHURI Research Project

What is the extent and impact of home ownership decline in Australia?

Housing impacts for Australian children and adolescents

AHURI Research Project

The role of housing in shaping the health and educational outcomes of young Australians.

Mortgage stress and precarious homeownership: implications for older Australians

AHURI Research Project

Mortgage stress indicators and associated risks for older Australians.

Moving, downsizing and housing equity consumption choices of older Australians

AHURI Research Project

Older Australians face challenging choices closely linked to the tax and transfer system.

Social housing exits, outcomes and future pathways: a data analysis

AHURI Research Project

A new national evidence base on social housing pathways.

The uneven distribution of housing supply, 2006–16

AHURI Research Project

The distribution of new housing supply between 2006 and 2016.

Understanding the changing geography of homelessness in Australia (2001–16)

AHURI Research Project

The spatial analysis of homelessness and its structural drivers between 2001 and 2016.