The future of the private rental sector

How can emerging trends in the institutions of the private rental market in Australia and internationally create opportunities for, and present challenges to, improving equity, efficiency and effectiveness outcomes in Australia, including for lower-income households?

The AHURI Inquiry provides a detailed, evidence-based understanding of the contemporary drivers and dynamics of institutional change in the Australian private rental sector and the consequent opportunities and challenges for improving the performance of the sector for the future, with a particular focus on lower-income households.

  • Louise Gilding, Acting ED of ACT Housing and Community Services
  • Nick Foa, Director of Housing, Vic
  • Jill Mills, Director, Housing Policy, Housing Policy Branch, DSS
  • Simon Cohen, Director of Consumer Affairs
  • Jacqui Phillips, Director of Policy, ACOSS
  • Heather Holst, Deputy CEO, Director of Housing & Services at Launch Housing
  • Hanna Ebeling, Relationship Manager, SEFA
The institutional dynamics of the Australian private rental sector: prospects and opportunities
This project will scope, map and analyse institutional change in the Australian private rental sector (PRS). It will provide policy-makers with a comprehensive view of contemporary PRS institutional drivers and dynamics, and implications for future reform of the PRS to improve performance in terms of equity, efficiency and effectiveness.

Led by: Kath Hulse
Project status: Underway
Final Report to be published: Q4 2017

Innovation and change in the institutions of private rental housing: An international review
Internationally, as private rental sectors have grown their corporate forms, finance mechanisms, ancillary services, dwelling forms and regulatory regimes have evolved. Responses by experts to a questionnaire, together with reports from selected countries, will be analysed to consider lessons for the Australian PRS, particularly as they affect low-income tenants.

Led by: Chris Martin
Project status: Underway
Final Report to be published: Q4 2017

Improving outcomes for lower-income private renter households: opportunities and challenges
This project investigates the barriers and opportunities for lower-income private renters navigating the Australian PRS in the context of institutional change. It will enable policy-makers to consider the challenges and opportunities for innovation in delivering better outcomes at the low end of the PRS for the future.

Led by: Sharon Parkinson
Project status: Underway
Final Report to be published: Q1 2018

  • Final Report to be published: Q2 2018
  • Project leader: Kath Hulse
  • Research centre: Swinburne University
  • Project number: 51120
  • Panel meeting dates: TBC