Social impact investment for housing and homelessness outcomes

How can the social impact investment approach, through housing and homelessness policy, yield social and economic benefits for Australians?

This AHURI Inquiry investigates the opportunity, capacity and ability of social impact investments to create social change in housing and homelessness in Australia. Drawing on national and international evidence and new empirical data, findings will inform Australian housing affordability and homelessness policy.

  • Phil Fagan-Schmidt, Housing SA
  • Christine Fitzgerald, Department of Housing and Community Development, NT Government
  • Trina Geasley, City of Sydney
  • Adrian Harrington, Folkestone
  • Paul McBride, Department of Social Services, Australian Government
  • Sally McCutchan, Impact Investing Australia
  • Dr Caralee McLiesh, NSW Treasury
  • Jo Toohey, The Benevolent Society
  • James Wadell, NAB
The opportunities, risks and possibilities of social impact investment for housing and homelessness

This project developed an understanding of the opportunities, risks and possibilities of social impact investment for housing and homelessness in Australia. It examined national and international evidence of how social impact investment has been applied to housing, homelessness and related social policy areas.

Led by: Kristy Muir
Project status: Complete, download the report.

Supporting vulnerable households to achieve their housing goals: the role of impact investment

This research project examines how social impact investment may expand housing options for vulnerable seniors, people with disabilities and homeless people, and improve outcomes for homeless people through social enterprises. The four impact investment vehicles examined are mutual funds, social impact bonds, venture capital and loans.

Led by: Richard Heaney
Project status: Complete, download the report.

Understanding opportunities for social impact investment in the development of affordable housing

Data from mapping, interviews and case studies will be used to determine the extent of, and potential for, social impact investment in affordable housing in Australia. The research will explore sector motivation, criteria for investment, innovation and barriers, and future opportunities.

Led by: Andrea Sharam
Project status: Underway
Final Report to be published: Q1 2018

  • Final Report to be published: Q1 2018
  • Project leader: Kristy Muir
  • Research centre: University of New South Wales
  • Project number: 71100
  • Panel meeting dates: 29 Sep 2016