Property transfer methodologies

What are the key features that support effective property transfers from government housing agencies to not-for-profit housing providers?

This AHURI Inquiry will provide a greater understanding of property transfer practices by examining key processes and drivers, including:

  • asset valuation methodologies
  • property transfer risks
  • capital management opportunities
  • and asset management factors.

The research is examining four main property transfer elements: legal structures, property asset management, financial engineering and organisational operations. In addition, it will deliver an expert review drawing from several discipline areas.

  • Lyndall Robertshaw, Compass Housing
  • Wendy Hayhurst, NSW Federation of Housing Associations
  • Peter White, Department of Health and Human Services, Tasmanian Government
  • Cam Baddeley, Department of Health and Human Services, Victorian Government
  • Roland Stanmore, NSW Treasury
  • Scott Langford, SGCH Group
  • Michael Lennon, Housing Choices

The project is assessing various transfer options with reference to the impact on value due to housing asset conditions and any legal features, and the social and financial performance requirements of the prospective purchasers.

The research includes interviews with key State government public housing representatives and an industry panel to develop a deeper understanding of the key features characterising property transfer methodologies.

  • Final Report to be published: Early 2018
  • Project leader: Judith Callanan
  • Research centre: AHURI—RMIT University
  • Project number: 05105
  • Panel meeting dates: 28 Oct 2016 and 23 Feb 2017