The future of housing assistance–Professor Hal Pawson

AHURI national one-day conference on Wed 19 Oct 2016 investigating the future of housing assistance in Australia

Adelaide Oval

19 Oct 2016

Strategies for new supply to meet needs for housing assistance

What levels and types of new supply will be required to meet housing assistance needs into the future? Which supply strategy or combinations of strategies will be most effective in meeting future housing assistance needs?

This session will examine strategies aimed at increasing housing supply including estate and asset renewal, alternative financing mechanisms such as property trusts and the development of an affordable housing industry at scale.

Ms Caryn Kakas, a/Executive Director, Strategic Policy, Department of Families and Community Services NSW
Mr Mike Myers, Managing Director, National Affordable Housing Consortium
Professor Hal Pawson, Associate Director, City Futures Research Centre, University of NSW
Mr Adrian Harrington, Head of Funds Management, Folkestone


The future of housing assistance