The future of housing assistance–Associate Professor Wendy Stone

AHURI national one-day conference on Wed 19 Oct 2016 investigating the future of housing assistance in Australia

Adelaide Oval

19 Oct 2016

Housing needs and the future of housing assistance

If ‘demography is destiny’ what are the projections for housing need in Australia? How will this demographic destiny translate into the future demand for housing assistance? What forms of assistance will be required by whom and how can providers best meet the needs of their tenants?

To frame the day’s discussions, this session presents the latest AHURI research findings on housing need and assistance in Australia.

Associate Professor Steven Rowley, Curtin University
Modelling housing need in Australia to 2025

Professor Gavin Wood, RMIT University
Australian demographic trends and their implications for housing subsidies

Associate Professor Wendy Stone, Swinburne University
Housing assistance need and provision in Australia: a household-based policy analysis


The future of housing assistance