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About us

Who are we?

The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) is a national independent research network with an expert not-for-profit research management company, AHURI Limited, at its centre.

What is our mission?

AHURI has a public good mission to deliver high quality research that influences policy development to improve the housing and urban environments of all Australians.

What are our strategic goals?

Through active engagement, AHURI's work informs the policies and practices of governments and the housing and urban development industries, and stimulates debate in the broader Australian community.

AHURI does this by:

  1. Influencing policy development and practice change.
  2. Delivering high quality evidence.
  3. Maximising value for stakeholders.
  4. Building research capability and national capacity.

We undertake evidence-based policy development on a range of issues, including: housing and labour markets, urban growth and renewal, planning and infrastructure development, housing supply and affordability, homelessness, economic productivity, and social cohesion and wellbeing.

How are we funded?

AHURI receives income from three sources: grants from the Australian and state and territory governments, contributions from our university partners, and contributions from third parties. For further information see our current Annual Report.

What is our structure?

AHURI is purposely structured to support evidence-based policy development. A national independent research network with an expert not-for-profit research management company, AHURI Limited, at its centre.

Research leading to the advancement of knowledge on key policy issues is conducted by our network of expert research partners. Using a diversity of academically rigorous approaches, our research partners undertake a variety of research activities – ensuring the flexibility to undertake longer-term projects when fundamental research is needed, while also responding quickly to new strategic policy issues as they arise.

Once new knowledge and understanding on a key policy issue is available, we engage with the housing, homelessness and urban research policy communities through evidence informed forums, conferences, workshops and other activities to actively transfer findings into evidence-based policy development and practice change. Research findings are also made freely available on our website through our peer reviewed report series.

AHURI Limited leads and manages the work of AHURI. It is comprised of three core areas of work: Research Services, Communications and Corporate Services.

AHURI Limited staff are experts in research management, research synthesis, knowledge transfer and research dissemination. We currently:

    • manage the National Housing Research Program
    • convene and host the biennial National Housing Conference
    • provide a range of research services
    • undertake a series of capacity building measures to develop the skills and resources of the housing, homelessness and urban policy research community in Australia
    • engage the housing, homelessness and urban research, policy and practice communities in evidence informed forums, conferences, symposia, workshops and other events.

AHURI Limited, through the AHURI Limited Board, is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance—undertaking vigilant internal and external audit processes each year—and to the promotion of transparency in our operations.

What is the best way to be kept informed?

Subscribe to our weekly e-update to be kept informed about new AHURI research, reports, events and other activities. You can also connect with us through Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Last updated: 26 Aug 2015

Last updated: 26/08/2015