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New report

Australian demographic trends and implications for housing assistance programs

This study estimated housing subsidies, including owner tax benefits, to increase from $25 billion in 2011 to $32.8 billion in 2031, and presented a secure lease scheme for low-income households wanting long term, stable housing.

New report

Inquiry into housing policies, labour force participation and economic growth

This research Inquiry revealed how housing policies might promote labour force participation and economic growth through housing supply responsiveness, labour mobility, employment decisions and consumption.

New report

Housing, multi-level governance and economic productivity

This study investigated ways to better understand how housing policy mechanisms contribute to economic productivity and growth. It reviewed policy and reports and analysed the ways housing policy influences economic behaviour.

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Who we are and what we do

"Our mission is to develop high-quality, policy-relevant research for better housing and urban outcomes."

Dr Ian Winter, Executive Director

The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) is a national independent research network with an expert not-for-profit research management company, AHURI Limited, at its centre.

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