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The dissemination of AHURI funded research is central to our mission of providing a high quality evidence base for policy development and practice change. This research is free to download due to the continued funding AHURI receives from the Australian Government and each state and territory government.

Typically, AHURI funded projects result in three research reports:

Positioning Papers

Peer reviewedAHURI Positioning Papers present a comprehensive review of academic and policy literature to establish what is known about an issue. Knowledge gaps are identified and the paper includes a methodological statement of how the research addresses those gaps. It includes a discussion of the conceptual issues and theoretical framework that informs the methodology of a research project. They also specify how the findings will productively inform policy development.
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Final Reports

Peer reviewedAHURI Final Reports present the findings from an investigation, specifically identifying the unique contribution of the work to housing, homelessness and urban studies and the key implications of the work for the development of policy. They also include a summary of key policy, practise and research issues and a comprehensive account of the conduct of the research.
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Research and Policy Bulletins

AHURI Research and Policy Bulletins provide summaries of the key findings and policy implications from completed AHURI funded research.
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Peer review statement

An objective assessment of all reports published in the AHURI Positioning Paper and Final Report series by carefully selected experts in the field ensures that material of the highest quality is published. These series employ a double-blind peer review of the full report where anonymity is strictly observed between authors and referees.

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