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AHURI research is delivered through a suite of AHURI Inquiries, which focus on reform priorities for national housing, homelessness and related urban issues, as well as through a series of targeted research projects.

AHURI Inquiries

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Social housing as infrastructure

AHURI Inquiry

Should social housing be treated as infrastructure, and, if so, what are the most appropriate investment pathways?

Potential of new technologies to disrupt housing policy

AHURI Inquiry

How can housing policy-makers, providers and consumers engage productively with emerging digital and disruptive technologies?

Integrated housing support for vulnerable families

AHURI Inquiry

How best can housing and services support be provided and improved for families affected by domestic and family violence?

Housing aspirations and constraints for lower income Australians

AHURI Inquiry

What are the impacts of housing constraints for lower income Australians, and how can innovative housing solutions support their shelter and non-shelter aspirations?

The future of the private rental sector

AHURI Inquiry

How can emerging trends in the institutions of the private rental market in Australia and internationally create opportunities for, and present challenges to, improving equity, efficiency and effectiveness outcomes in Australia, including for lower-income households?

Increasing affordable housing supply

AHURI Inquiry

How have governments sought to increase the supply of affordable housing across the continuum of housing needs; and what are the implications for government policy and practice in different jurisdictions and market contexts?

Social impact investment for housing and homelessness outcomes

AHURI Inquiry

How can the social impact investment approach, through housing and homelessness policy, yield social and economic benefits for Australians?

Pathways to housing tax reform

AHURI Inquiry

How does the taxation system impact on the housing market, and how does this compare with the impact of the taxation system on other aspects of wealth?

Targeted research projects

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Completed AHURI Inquiries

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