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Over 15 years AHURI has published more than 700 research reports and papers on a diverse range of issues across the housing, homelessness and urban sectors, and our commitment to enhancing the evidence-base on priority policy issues continues through our ongoing research.

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View our extensive library of housing research and reports covering 11 key research themes, including financing social and affordable housing, indigenous housing, housing assistance and social policy, home ownership, private rental market, homelessness, tax and housing policy and more.

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View our current AHURI Inquiries and Research Projects, investigating national housing reform priorities and themes around social policy, housing affordability, disability, housing assistance, Indigenous housing, the private rental market and more.


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Researchers, politicians, policy makers and other experts regularly present at AHURI events and conferences. Materials from these events are available here, together with additional resources such as parliamentary submissions and other reports.


Key AHURI terminology

An alphabetical listing of common terms used in AHURI research.