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Our work

Ethically Conscious Housing Initiatives, for Shelter NSW, 2024

Together Home Program - Interim Implementation Report, for The Department of Communities and Justice NSW, 2024

Housing First: An evidence review of implementation, effectiveness and outcomes, evidence review, 2022

Housing economics analysis, for Infrastructure South Australia, 2022

Evaluation of the Homelessness Industry and Workforce Development Strategy, report prepared for Homelessness NSW, 2022

Common Ground Housing Model Practice Manual, for Inner Metropolitan Partnership, 2022

Return on investment for social housing in the ACT, for ACT Shelter, 2021,

Towards a Youth Homelessness Strategy for Victoria, for Melbourne City Mission, 2021

Trajectories, the interplay between mental health and housing pathways, with Mind Australia, 2020

The role of housing insecurity and homelessness in suicidal behaviour and effective interventions to reduce suicidal thoughts and behaviours: a review of the evidence, for Suicide Prevention Australia Ltd. and National Suicide Prevention Taskforce, 2020

Strategic analysis of Aboriginal housing in NSW, for NSW Aboriginal Housing Office, 2019,

Overcrowding and severe overcrowding, for NSW Department of Communities and Justice, 2019

Evaluation of the QLD Community Rent Scheme, for QLD Department of Housing and Public Works, 2019

Evaluation of the Housing and Homelessness Response, for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, for QLD Department of Housing and Public Works, 2019

Evaluation of the Sustaining Young People’s Tenancies evaluation, for QLD Department of Housing and Public Works, 2018

Housing, homelessness and mental health: towards systems change, for National Mental Health Commission, 2018

Housing for people with disability: evidence review of post-occupancy evaluation instruments, for Summer Foundation, 2018

Effectiveness of the homelessness services system, for Housing and Homelessness Senior Officers Network, 2016

Social Housing Outcomes Framework, report prepared for Department of Family and Community Services NSW, 2016

QLD Housing Strategy Policy Development, for the Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works, 2015 • ACT Housing Policy Development, for the ACT Government Community Services Directorate (CSD), 2015

Literature review on the impact of demand-side housing subsidies on the housing market, for Ministry of Social Development, New Zealand, 2015,

Tasmanian Affordable Housing Strategy 2015-2025, Policy Development, for Housing Tasmania, 2014