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Informing the Social Infrastructure Sector Plan

Client: Infrastructure Australia


AHURI partnered with Infrastructure Australia to develop and review new specialist content for the 2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan. The 2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan is the nation’s roadmap for infrastructure delivery and reform and is intended to support national recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. For the first time, the 2021 Plan includes social infrastructure.

What we did

AHURI Professional Services provided expert advice to support the development of the Social Infrastructure Sector Plan, as part of the process to develop the 2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan. This included:

  • Co-development of the themes and structure of the Australian Social Infrastructure Sector Plan
  • Technical advice and content development to support the inclusion of social housing into the 2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan and Social Infrastructure Sector Plan
  • Coordinating an expert peer review process across the main social infrastructure themes included in the Sector Plan
  • Multiple stages of review and advice as the Plan and its recommendations were refined and completed

Outcomes for the client

The 2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan is the first to include a roadmap for social infrastructure delivery and policy reform. The national Infrastructure Plan is supported by a Social Infrastructure Sector Plan. Infrastructure Australia has been able to develop and release the Plan with the assurance that it reflects current thinking, is supported by quality evidence, and will be relevant to the sector and current policy development priorities. 

Impact of the work

The expert advice provided by AHURI Professional Services has had strong impact. The 2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan is now released, and includes a plan for social housing alongside other social infrastructure themes and priorities.

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