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AHURI is a knowledge broker, connecting the research and policy communities to support the application of research in policy development work.

AHURI has sought to enhance its policy impact in recent years through transitioning from a focus on funding policy relevant research to a Policy Development Research Model. The model integrates traditionally separate processes of evidence building and policy development into one set of practices.

The logic is that through carefully engineered activities, AHURI research has more impact and influence on policy development and broader public discussion, in turn contributing to improved housing and urban outcomes in Australia.

The model aims to enable researchers and policymakers to work together to address pressing policy issues. This is an ambitious undertaking given the well understood challenges of bringing evidence to bear on policy development, which is driven by a wide range of considerations.

AHURI’s longstanding reputation as a trusted advisor and independent knowledge broker has meant that the approach has been well received and continues to mature.  

The AHURI Final Report series is ranked as Australia’s the most impactful journal or publication series in public administration, urban studies and development, and the nation’s fourth most impactful series across the social sciences (according to SCImago Journal Ranks). The reports rank in the top quartile of urban studies and development publications globally.