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What we do

What we do

Our primary purpose is the delivery of high-quality, peer reviewed primary research across housing, homelessness, cities and urban policy arenas; disseminating findings to government, industry and the community; and creating engagement opportunities with the AHURI evidence-base. Our core activities include:

  • Delivering the National Housing Research Program on behalf of the Commonwealth and all state/territory governments
  • Developing and implementing a National Cities Research Program
  • Publishing research reports on the AHURI website and disseminating research findings through a range of editorial outputs
  • Delivering a national conference and events program including webinars, seminars and conferences including the biennial National Housing Conference and National Homelessness Conference
  • Providing a range custom-designed research services to clients via our Professional Services team  
  • Undertaking a series of capacity building measures that develop the skills and resources of the housing, homelessness and urban policy research community in Australia
  • Providing high-level advice to governments at all levels.

Strategic plan

AHURI’s Strategic Plan 2022–2027, highlights our vision, mission and strategic goals over this time period. The Strategic Plan embraces the fact that while Australia continues to experience sustained economic growth, the nation faces many housing, homelessness and urban challenges that impact liveability and productivity.