Partner with AHURI

AHURI offer several partnership opportunities to assist us in the delivery of our events series. We offer the biennial National Homelessness Conference and National Housing Conference and have recently launched a Research Webinar Series, all of which offer exclusivity, exposure and engagement via face-to-face and online mediums.

National Homelessness Conference

Addressing homelessness in Australia is a challenge we need to face head on. We must take a multi-disciplinary approach, as individually not one organisation has the solution. By bringing together a diverse range of organisations and their expertise, we can tackle the issue together.

The National Homelessness Conference is the preeminent platform for responding to the challenges Australia faces and brings together practitioners, policy makers, researchers and those with lived experience of homelessness to come up with solutions that deliver lasting change.

Make an impact and align your organisation with this worthy event, in its first year ever running virtually!

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Research Webinar Series 2020

AHURI is proud to have launched a Research Webinar Series as a forum for presenting new research and creating important engagement opportunities. The Webinar Series will feature a comprehensive and diverse range of topics, with each webinar taking the form of a research presentation from the lead author, followed by a facilitated audience Q&A.

AHURI invites your organisation to partner with us in delivering the Research Webinar Series. Your support will assist us to deliver the program to as broad an audience as possible, and ensure the latest evidence is used by policy makers, industry and the community to improve our housing and urban environments.

Sponsors can choose from a selection of upcoming publications and demonstrate your commitment to an important social issue of your choice (options listed in the Proposal and are subject to availability)

Top reasons to partner with us

▸ Realise your corporate social responsibility and reinforce a positive public image. 
Raise your profile and create more online engagement with our database of approx. 15,000 and beyond. 
Direct access to delegates across a wide range of sectors (subject to ‘opt in’ by delegate). 
▸ Communicate a message via a new medium, ensuring unique recognition for your organisation. 
▸ Leverage off the trusted AHURI brand name to further enhance your message.

Each webinar is valued at $2,000 ex GST and partnership is exclusive, with a range of valuable inclusions.

We are confident of offering you a highly engaged audience should you choose to partner with a future event. The Series has been so far well received by our audiences to-date with strong registration and attendance figures, excellent engagement and strong feedback through post webinar surveys. Given the high level of exposure, we anticipate that they will be sold quickly.

Join the Housing Industry Association as an exclusive webinar partner, their testimonial below:

"Maintaining housing supply in every part of the housing spectrum, from public to private, is the key to supporting access to safe, decent and affordable housing options for all Australians. HIA’s members are engaged every day to build these homes. The growth in smart cities and the future innovation in housing is something on the mind of all home builders and their customers. Supporting this webinar provides a way to engage with AHURI’s stakeholders to understand the challenges of achieving housing supply across the housing spectrum and to identify potential actions to improve this outcome."

Delegate testimonials

"Thank you for making this available as if it was just a conference some would not be able to attend.  This enabled me to share it with the Case Management Team."

"Thank you, it was very informative, well run and I got a lot from the content to take back to my work. Great job AHURI!"

"Overall the webinar provided some excellent information and I will be ensuring others I am working with go and listen to the recording."

"Many thanks for staging it, I will be referring other people to watch it when it is available on line"

"Thanks for providing the opportunity to stay connected."