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Professor Andi Nygaard

Swinburne University of Technology

Andi Nygaard

Professor Andi Nygaard is Director of the AHURI Research Centre—Swinburne University of Technology.

Professor Andi Nygaard is a social and institutional economists. He currently also is the Deputy-Director and a Research Theme Leader at the Centre for Urban Transitions, Swinburne University of Technology. He has previously held research and teaching positions in the United Kingdom and Australia, most recently as a Co-Director of the International Centre for Housing and Urban Economics at the University of Reading, UK (2014-2017) where he also developed a transnational education programme in China.

His primary research interests are in the processes of urban change with focus on long-term neighbourhood dynamics; housing market efficiency and affordability; international migration and housing, neighbourhoods and labour markets; political-economy and institutional drivers of governance adaptations in the provision of social housing, transition dynamics and industrial policy making in resource rich countries. These research areas are connected by the economic processes and social behaviours, such as persistence and path dependence; property rights and institutions; and, spatial social structures and social interactions, that inhibit and enable change.

Andi is currently leading research projects funded by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute and the Community Housing Industry Association in Australia. He has previously led and participated in a number research projects for local authorities in the South East of England, the 'European Integration Fund', 'South East Strategic Partnership for Migration' (UK), 'Department of Communities and Local Government' (UK); and provided policy advice on local economic development and migration to South East authorities (UK).

Since January 2019 Andi has been the Economics and Econometrics editor for Housing Studies, the leading forum for theoretical and analytical developments in the field of housing research. He is a Research Fellow of the 'Centre for Euro-Asian Studies' (UK). He is a former committee member of the Royal Statistical Society’s 'Official Statistics Section' and 'Discussion Meeting Committee', as well as a trustee (2014-2017) and Chair or Trustees (2016-2017) for the Reading Refugee Support Group (UK). In the UK he regularly hosted the 'Thames Valley Strategic Partnership for Migration'.

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