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Australia’s multi-provider social housing systems

Multi-provider social housing systems are the norm across the OECD and EU, and are emerging in Australia. Current evidence for the scale and coverage of providers of social housing is fragmented and partial. 

This research investigates Australia’s multi-provider social housing systems, comparing international and local policy. Drawing on policy review and analysis methods, expert interviews and international comparisons, the project will explore options to sustain, strengthen and improve Australia’s multi-provider social housing systems.

This project will advance knowledge of the development, coverage, regulation and growth of multi-provider social housing systems in Australia. The research offers a systematic review of policy programs and impacts that shape social and affordable housing missions and growth outcomes, and will develop insights from Australian experience, complemented by international multi-provider social housing system examples, including indigenous housing.

Lead Researcher: Professor Julie Lawson, RMIT University

Project Number: 53334