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What works to sustain Indigenous tenancies in Australia

Voicing First Nations Country, community, and culture in urban policy

This research will learn from the experience of First Nations peoples engaging with urban policy to better understand the capacity and readiness of urban policy practitioners for meaningful partnership. The research will inform a research and urban policy agenda toward a respectful and sovereign relationship with Country, community, and culture,

The fact that urban places in Australia are Country, the unceded lands and waters of First Nations peoples, has been barely recognised in urban policy practice, and First Nations peoples remain structurally excluded from having a meaningful voice and authority about their own lands and waters. In addition, there is little understanding about the actual experiences and expectations of First Nations peoples attempting to engage with urban policy. Understanding this will help reveal implications of this for the capacity and readiness of the urban policy professions.

Lead Researcher: Professor Libby Porter, RMIT University

Project Number: 53290