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Towards an Australian social housing best practice asset management framework

Disruption in regional housing: Policy responses for more resilient markets

This project will map the actions governments can best take to ensure Australia’s regional housing markets can respond to the short, medium and long-term disruptions that affect them now and into the foreseeable future.

This project will address six research questions:

  • How has long-term economic and demographic change affected regional housing markets? Has growth of the visitor economy – and platforms such as Airbnb – reshaped the nature, volume and timing of demand?
  • Have regional housing market trajectories changed because of the pandemic? Is there evidence that these markets have reverted to long-standing trends, or can we identify a shift in scale and direction?
  • What regionally-focussed policies, strategies and actions are available to government and other agencies? Which measures are effective and are there transferrable insights to be drawn from international experience?
  • What are the likely impacts on regional housing of current and proposed national and State/Territory policies?
  • How can regional supply chains be strengthened to ensure housing production that is resilient in the face of shocks and able to meet a region’s long-term needs?
  • What lessons can be learnt, and policy actions taken, from regions taking innovative action to meet housing needs?

Case studies, qualitative and quantitative data will provide up-to-date insights into the nature, structure and shifting dynamics within regional housing. These will be complemented by analysis of the international and policy literature and discussed by an expert Panel, providing guidance on how best to bring about positive change.

Lead Researcher: Professor Andrew Beer, University of South Australia

Project Number: 32307