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Housing temporary migrants: investigating challenges and policy opportunities

This Investigative Panel will establish the housing circumstances and experiences of temporary visa holders (TVHs) in Australia and provide critical evidence of challenges and opportunities in the development of housing policy and service provision. The panel’s findings will form a set of policy and practice recommendations to improve housing outcomes for TVHs.

Given the pressures in finding affordable housing in Australia today the objectives of this Investigative Panel are:

  • To establish the housing circumstances and experiences of TVHs (housing availability, security of tenure, housing quality and affordability) and the impact this has on other domains of life (family, education, employment, health) in the context of the different drivers of each form of TV migration;
  • To critically interrogate current policies and their impact on service provision and gaps for TVHs, including in relation to housing needs and homelessness services, internationally, nationally and across jurisdictions, to identify what needs to change to improve outcomes for this group;
  • To examine how federal, state and local governments and other agencies can work individually and collectively to facilitate better housing outcomes for TVHs.

This investigative panel will produce three outputs: a data report for stakeholders, a scoping paper to inform expert panels and focus groups, and a peer reviewed AHURI publication with recommendations.

Lead Researcher: Dr Debbie Faulkner, University of South Australia

Project Number: 32315