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Inquiry into developing a long-term governance and resource framework for sustainable and effective Indigenous housing

This Inquiry will examine the current status of Indigenous housing support within Australia and what is needed to ensure future growth and sustainability.

Comprised of an Inquiry Program and two Inquiry Research Projects, this Inquiry will address the following four research questions:

  1. What reforms are required for existing governance and regulatory arrangements to improve housing outcomes for Indigenous Australians, and according to what principles?
  2. How can self-determination be better supported in Indigenous housing policy and provision?
  3. How is Indigenous housing best resourced, supplied and managed?
  4. What is the long-term vision to ensure sustainability and effectiveness in Indigenous housing support?

There is considerable variation in current approaches to Indigenous housing support across Australia and the system is experiencing significant challenges in improving housing outcomes. This Inquiry will allow us to move beyond this unsatisfactory situation to develop a longterm vision and framework to better support Indigenous housing. 

Lead Researcher: Dr Megan Moskos

Project Number: 31320

Supporting research projects

  • Supporting self-determination in Indigenous housing policy, provision and outcomes

    Indigenous people in Australia are frequently excluded from decision-making processes about the policies and programs that affect them. With findings drawn from a literature review, stakeholder consultations and case studies of current initiatives, this project will identify how self-determination can be best supported in Indigenous housing policy, provision and outcomes.

    Led by: Professor Michael Dockery, Curtin University

  • Supply, management and resourcing of Indigenous housing

    The supply, management and resourcing of Indigenous housing has been inconsistent and fragmented across Australia. Drawing from a mapping of Indigenous housing models, a canvassing of key stakeholders and ethnographic case studies, this project will understand how Indigenous housing is best resourced, supplied and managed.

    Led by: Mr Richard Benedict, University of Sydney