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Inquiry into supporting pathways in a social housing system

The Inquiry will develop an in-depth understanding of the prospects for transforming Australia’s straitened social housing sector into a system for socially supported housing pathways. Leaving aside increased social housing supply, the Inquiry will focus on identifying opportunities for aligning assistance with people’s housing aspirations, managing access for greater responsiveness, improving support within and out of social housing, and providing all stakeholders in the system – applicants, tenants, landlords, funders and the wider Australian public – with appropriate expectations and assurances about its outcomes.

Led by: Dr Chris Martin at the University of New South Wales

Project number: 71310

Supporting research projects

  • Housing assistance pathways by policy co-design: opportunities for tenant participation in system innovation

    This project examines global best practices for tenant inclusion in social housing/housing assistance policy development; provides new analysis of social housing tenant and low-income households’ housing outcome aspirations, support needs, and access experience; to deliver an actionable evidence-based pathway for increasing opportunities for policy co-design.

    Led by: Professor Wendy Stone at Swinburne University

  • Getting off the waiting list? Changing access to housing assistance

    This project investigates prospects for improving on social housing applications and the waiting list as the primary mediators of access to housing assistance. It analyses waiting list dynamics, applicant and agency representative perspectives on waiting and alternative forms of assistance, and the implications of rights-based approaches to housing assistance entitlements.

    Led by: Dr Fatemeh Aminpour at the University of New South Wales

  • The role of housing providers in supporting clients with complex needs

    This project will examine the role of social housing providers and other services in facilitating positive client outcomes; identify proven or promising interventions and initiatives, and options for taking to scale; and analyse the potential for service models from other sectors to be adopted in housing support.

    Led by: Professor kylie valentine at the University of New South Wales

  • The role of outcomes-based frameworks in policy innovation in social housing provision

    This project combines a detailed synthesis of the available policy evidence and targeted qualitative research with key stakeholders in three states to explore how outcomes measurement and outcomes-based frameworks may be more effectively implemented to support the delivery of innovative housing assistance and support programs.

    Led by: Associate Professor Cameron Duff at RMIT University