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Explore our current research projects underway, examining a range of contemporary housing and urban policy questions. Current research priorities are determined in consultation with state/territory and federal government officials, industry and non-government experts.

Safe and secure accommodation solutions for seasonal workers in regional industries

Seasonal workers’ accommodation is a contentious issue for seasonal workers, employers and local government. Changes in regional housing markets have greatly increased the cost and reduced the availability of accommodation, and in many coastal locations seasonal workers are competing for housing with long-term residents and tourists. This research project analyses barriers to safely accommodating seasonal workers in regional Australia.

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Shared equity programs in Australia: features, impacts and growth potential

AHURI research has highlighted the significant potential of shared equity schemes in enabling access to homeownership. However, while shared equity models have been widely implemented overseas, in Australia they remain under-utilised. This project will examine the objectives and characteristics of government-led shared equity models and evaluate the effectiveness of different models as pathways to mainstream homeownership. 

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