Leadership and policy coordination

The COVID-19 pandemic has required bold leadership and multilateral policy responses. Recovery will require coordinated and managed transitions to restore economic and social systems.

AHURI Research

Supporting Australia’s housing system: modelling pandemic policy responses
Led by Professor Chris Leishman, University of Adelaide

This project will deliver the rapid redevelopment of economic / housing system modelling approaches to provide deep policy insights into COVID-19 housing interventions, focussing on impacts to employment, earnings, and outcomes for owners, renters and investors. The economic simulation model will simulate the probable impacts of three principal policy interventions.

Research in progress

Policy coordination and housing outcomes during COVID-19 Led by Dr Chris Mason, Swinburne University of Technology

The pace of policy interventions to support Australians during COVID-19 is unprecedented. This scoping project will systematically map policy-making activities, across government levels and non-state actors, to understand how well coordinated these efforts are, and which housing-related outcomes and impacts should be evaluated to assist policy-making through the crisis.

Research in progress

AHURI-HUD International

Housing policy exchange

The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) has implemented a range of activities in response to the pandemic, including a series of national and international policy exchanges addressing key cities and housing impacts of the pandemic, and approaches to economic and social recovery.

Representatives of a range of government agencies and research institutes from seven countries met on September 30 2020 to discuss housing policy responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The international policy exchange revealed that across the globe governments are responding to the unprecedented impacts of the pandemic in similar ways. Balancing economic and public health priorities, uncertainty in policy directions as the initial measures to protect renters and mortgage holders are winding up, and the ongoing shortage of affordable housing in many countries present shared challenges. Future virtual roundtable meetings will address several key themes that emerged in the discussion including the management of health risks for people in inadequate accommodation, aged care housing and homelessness.

AHURI Briefs and News

COVID-19 Resources


14 Apr 2020

Australian state, territory, and national COVID-19 resources for housing, homelessness and cities.

How is the coronavirus pandemic affecting housing policy in Australia?


1 Apr 2020

A look at government and sector responses to Covid-19 that impact housing, homelessness and cities policy.

Why building housing infrastructure after the pandemic can benefit Australia


6 May 2020

Exploring ways of stimulating the economy in the near future to increase jobs and spending by investing in housing construction.

Has the impact of COVID-19 on cities and housing affected the incidence of family violence?


5 May 2020

Examining local and international spikes in DFV cases or anticipated challenges as well as some of the policy responses to-date.

Australian Government announces Homebuilder stimulus program


10 Jun 2020

The Australian Government has announced the HomeBuilder program as a way to increase residential housing supply and lift the construction market by encouraging the commencement of new home builds and renovations in 2020.

Update on AHURI conferences in response to COVID-19


13 Mar 2020

A message from our Executive Director on AHURI conferences in response to COVID-19.

Update on AHURI activities in response to COVID-19


18 Mar 2020

An update on continuing our research publishing and engagement program for the foreseeable future.

AHURI announces the rapid response COVID-19 Research Agenda


5 May 2020

AHURI has launched the COVID-19 Research Agenda with our partner universities to further build and support housing and urban policy in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

AHURI announces eight COVID-19 research projects to inform housing policy response to pandemic


26 May 2020

The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) is pleased to announce the COVID-19 Research Agenda — eight priority research projects that will help governments at all levels make the best housing policy decisions during and following the coronavirus pandemic.