Understanding Specialist Disability Accommodation funding

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Author(s): Andrew Beer; Kathleen Flanagan; Julia Verdouw; Braam Lowies; Elizabeth Hemphill; Gina Zappia
Description: This study examined the Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) program and the attitudes of industry to investment and participation in that program. It questioned developers, investors, housing providers, prospective tenants and governments on how the SDA program will generate new supply that meets the needs and preferences of people with disability.
Citation: Beer, A., Flanagan, K., Verdouw, J., Lowies, B., Hemphill, L. and Zappia, G. (2019) Understanding Specialist Disability Accommodation funding, AHURI Final Report No. 310, Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute Limited, Melbourne, https://www.ahuri.edu.au/research/final-reports/310, doi:10.18408/ahuri-3219701.
DOI: doi:10.18408/ahuri-3219701
Date published: 21 Mar 2019
Publication type: Final Report 310
Project title: Understanding Specialist Disability Accommodation funding (Project number: 32197)
Published by: Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute Limited
ISSN: 1834-7223
ISBN: 978-1-925334-74-6
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