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2023 Research Agenda



The NHRP is building an evidence-base of practical applied research to support policy development, and is adding new knowledge to housing, homelessness, cities, urban policy and related disciplines.

The Research Agenda is developed through consultation with government Housing Chief Executives, the Australian Government, relevant state and territory government departments, Research Centre Directors, the AHURI Limited Board and the NHRP Research Panel.

The NHRP Research Agenda is updated annually to provide direction in the development of this evidence-base and to set research topic priorities for the annual funding round.

NHRP Funding Round

The NHRP Funding Round is an annual, nationally competitive process. NHRP Funding Round 2023 closed on Thursday 30 June 2022, 12 noon AEST. 


The AHURI Policy Development Research Model facilitates engagement between the research and policy communities. Policy development research integrates the traditionally separate processes of evidence building and policy development into one set of practices. Policy development research demands a high degree of collaboration within and between the research communities and the policy and practice community. This occurs through specialised research vehicles developed by AHURI in which research and policy engagement are integrated. These vehicles include Inquiries, Investigative Panels and Research projects.

Funding Round Assessment

Applications received in each funding round are assessed by the NHRP Research Panel - a sub-committee of the AHURI Limited Board, chaired by the Managing Director of AHURI. The Research Panel comprises two categories of membership: assessors and advisors.


NHRP Assessors review all applications and provide formal assessments of their merit against selection criteria: Relevance, Research Approach, the Research Team, Budget, and Integration for Inquiries. Assessors include: 

  • representations from the Australian Government Treasury
  • representation from the Australian Department of Social Services (DSS)
  • representation from the State and Territories
  • independent academics, with required disciplinary expertise.

NHRP Advisors represent relevant stakeholder groups and provide advice on the relevance of applications, but do not assess them. Advisors include: 

  • representation from the not-for-profit housing sector
  • representation from the housing industry
  • representation from the statistical agencies such as the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and the Australian Bureau of Statistic

The NHRP Research Panel meets to achieve consensus on the ranked order of applications determined by merit and makes recommendations for funding of applications to the AHURI Limited Board.

NHRP Research Agendas

Find current and past NHRP Research Agendas.