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Report 5th November 2020

Policy coordination and housing outcomes during COVID-19

Chris Mason, Michael Moran, Amber Earles

This scoping study gathered data on the scale and scope of policy interventions in the housing system during the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia—a critical first step for on-going assessment of the outcomes and impacts of the broad suite of initiatives deployed by governments in response to the pandemic and to prepare policy makers for future crises with similar system-wide implications.

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Report 16th May 2018

Inquiry into social impact investment for housing and homelessness outcomes

Kristy Muir, Fabienne Michaux, Andrea Sharam, Paul Flatau, Ariella Meltzer, Michael Moran, Richard Heaney, Gill North, Suzanne Findlay, Eileen Webb, Chris Mason, Wendy Stone, Libby Ward-Christie, Kaylene Zaretzky, Ioana Ramia

This is the final report for the AHURI Inquiry into social impact investment for housing and homelessness outcomes. Social impact investment (SII) is investment intending to generate social and financial returns, while actively measuring both. It is a growing mechanism for using capital from investors to finance solutions to complex social problems.

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