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Report 10th November 2022

Housing aspirations of precariously housed older Australians

Amity James, Adam Crowe, Selina Tually, Andrea Sharam, Debbie Faulkner, Andreas Cebulla, Helen Hodgson, Eileen Webb, Veronica Coram, Ranjodh Singh, Helen Barrie, Kirsten Bevin

This research investigates lower income older households’ preferences for a range of alternative housing models and examines which of these would best meet their needs, as well as identifying ways to support households deciding their housing options. The findings of this project provide key evidence for consideration in developing a market for alternative housing options.

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Report 26th May 2022

Alternative housing models for precariously housed older Australians

Selina Tually, Veronica Coram, Debbie Faulkner, Helen Barrie, Andrea Sharam, Amity James, Braam Lowies, Kirsten Bevin, Eileen Webb, Helen Hodgson, Andreas Cebulla

This research investigates the potential of alternative housing models to increase the supply of affordable housing for older Australians and the role alternative financing schemes could play in expanding those options.

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Report 16th May 2018

Inquiry into social impact investment for housing and homelessness outcomes

Kristy Muir, Fabienne Michaux, Andrea Sharam, Paul Flatau, Ariella Meltzer, Michael Moran, Richard Heaney, Gill North, Suzanne Findlay, Eileen Webb, Chris Mason, Wendy Stone, Libby Ward-Christie, Kaylene Zaretzky, Ioana Ramia

This is the final report for the AHURI Inquiry into social impact investment for housing and homelessness outcomes. Social impact investment (SII) is investment intending to generate social and financial returns, while actively measuring both. It is a growing mechanism for using capital from investors to finance solutions to complex social problems.

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Report 24th November 2017

Supporting vulnerable households to achieve their housing goals: the role of impact investment

Richard Heaney, Paul Flatau, Kristy Muir, Gill North, Libby Ward-Christie, Eileen Webb, Kaylene Zaretzky

This report, part of an AHURI Inquiry into social impact investment for housing and homelessness outcomes, examines different social impact investment (SII) finance options and uses financial modelling and case studies to address this question with a focus on access to housing and support for vulnerable households.

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