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Report 16th December 2020

Urban regulation and diverse housing supply: An Investigative Panel

Catherine Gilbert, Steven Rowley, Nicole Gurran, Chris Leishman, Mike Mouritz, Katrina Raynor, Christen Cornell

This research examined the barriers and challenges within the housing system for delivering housing supply that is more diverse in terms of size and built form; tenure; development model; and affordability level.

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Report 26th August 2020

The uneven distribution of housing supply, 2006–2016

Steven Rowley, Catherine Gilbert, Nicole Gurran, Chris Leishman, Chris Phelps

This research examines the quantity, composition and distribution of new housing supply across Australia 2006–16 and seeks to explain variations in local rates of production with reference to demand-side considerations (e.g. population drivers, market cycles) and supply-side considerations (e.g. regulatory barriers, construction costs).

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Report 15th July 2020

Strategic planning, ‘city deals’ and affordable housing

Madeleine Pill, Nicole Gurran, Catherine Gilbert, Peter Phibbs

This research examines international and Australian practice in using place-based planning and funding interventions (i.e. they are targeted at specific areas or regions such as at a particular city or geographical area), such as ‘city deals’, to deliver affordable rental housing near employment centres and to enhance urban productivity. 

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