Inquiry into the Housing Australia Future Fund 2023 package of bills

February 2022

AHURI's submission to the Senate Economics Legislation Committee’s the Housing Australia Future Fund 2023 package of bills. The Australian Government is to be commended for the pace and ambition of the legislative agenda being pursued through this legislative package, and for moving not only to directly respond to the housing crisis, but to work in partnership with other tiers of government, community sectors and industry in addressing these complex housing system challenges seen across the nation.

AHURI recognises the time critical nature of the Housing Legislative Package, and is broadly supportive of each of the Bills. While some areas, noted above, are not addressed in detail in the draft legislation, some of these details are not legislative matters but are more operational. Whether amendments to the Bills address these concerns, or they are addressed subsequently through other processes, AHURI is available and capable of assisting the Commonwealth in ensuring the Government’s housing reform agenda leads to improved housing outcomes for Australians.