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In the Media 10th April 2023

Campaign To Introduce Vacancy Tax On Land Owners With Empty Homes

Channel Ten's 'The Project'

As Aussies struggle to put a roof over their heads, thousands of homes lie vacant. So should lax landlords be taxed into opening up their homes? AHURI's Dr Michael Fotheringham was recently featured as a guest on Channel Ten's 'The Project', where he discussed the campaign to introduce vacancy tax on land owners with empty homes.

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In the Media 7th April 2023

It's touted as one solution to Australia's housing crisis, but what is build-to-rent? And can it live up to the hype?

ABC News

A newly released Ernest & Young report, commissioned by the Property Council of Australia, says that support for build-to-rent housing could result in an additional 150,000 homes over the next 10 years. This article in ABC News explains why experts are concerned over the accessibility of build-to-rent properties for middle- and low-income earners, and features an interview with AHURI's Dr Michael Fotheringham.

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In the Media 30th March 2023

Community housing organisations urge Senate to support government's $10 billion housing future fund

The Canberra Times

Australia's community housing organisations have emphasised the urgent need to pass the government's key housing legislation, which has failed to get the support of the Senate. This article in the Canberra Times features an interview with Dr Michael Fotheringham, who said there was broad consensus among the community sector that the bill should be passed.

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In the Media 22nd March 2023

How would rent caps work in Australia and how might they affect affordability?

The Guardian

Rental advocates are calling for rental price controls across Australia, saying they would provide cost-of-living relief for those struggling the most, but investor groups warn price caps will cause a drop in supply. This article in The Guardian asks what are rental caps and how might they affect the market. The article also features an interview with AHURI's Dr Michael Fotheringham.

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In the Media 21st March 2023

Key for young home buyers in Sydney is financial support from family, report finds

This article in claims that without the ‘bank of mum and dad’ or moving back home,  young adults have little to no chance of getting into Sydney’s real estate market. The article features recent AHURI research, which has found that family support via way of mum and dad’s bank account is “essential” for young adults hoping to crack into the Sydney market.

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