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brief 8th March 2023

What are the real costs of Australia’s housing crisis for women?

As Australian governments work to resolve a housing crisis that has been slowly building over decades, we ask, what is our crisis of unaffordable housing costing us as a nation? On International Women’s Day 2023, this AHURI Brief explores what the housing crisis is costing Australian women. While there is currently no comprehensive approach to understanding gender and its role in housing, what we do know is sobering:

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brief 28th February 2023

What is the difference between social housing and affordable housing - and why do they matter?

As Australia is gripped by a worsening housing and rental crisis, discussion has centred on the urgent need for more social and affordable housing. While they are terms often used together, (and could be easily mistaken as interchangeable), ‘social housing’ and ‘affordable housing’ are two different things. This AHURI brief explores: Just what is social housing, what is affordable housing, and why are they both so important for our market-based housing system? 

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