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The role of housing insecurity and homelessness in suicidal behaviour: a review of the evidence

Client: National Suicide Prevention Taskforce


This focused research project was delivered by AHURI to for the National Suicide Prevention Taskforce, through the Suicide Prevention Research Fund managed by Suicide Prevention Australia to inform the work of the National Suicide Prevention Adviser.

The aim was to ascertain the current state of evidence concerning the role of housing insecurity and homelessness as risk factors for suicidal behaviour, and interventions focussed on housing and homelessness for their effectiveness in reducing suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts and suicide deaths.

What we delivered

Our research approach included: 

  • A high-level review of key data and evidence.
  • Assessment of the strength and quality of studies reviewed.
  • Identification of key interventions.
  • Developed recommendations for interventions that may be most appropriate and feasible in the Australian context. 

Outcomes for the client

  • Data and evidence - The final report provided the client with evidence to inform policy
  • The webinar presented key findings in an accessible format.

Impact of the work

The review was used to inform the work of the National Suicide Prevention Adviser. 

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